Fragrance-type analysis

Fragrance-type analasis

How do you find your perfume?

The fragrance analysis was developed from insights of the color psychology from psychologists of the institute for applied aesthetics in Freiburg. We distinguish between a fragrance analysis for women and men. This has to do with the fact, that women are realistic in the perfume choice. They just underline what they really are and choose their perfume after a reason for example the current mood.

For men the ideal is more important. They underline only that, what they want to be. Therefor the fragrance for men can’t be decided only by colors. They have to choose also a shape.
Both women and men have to choose a color combination spontaneously. If you cannot decide which color you choose, just take 2 color samples, which you like most.

If you still cannot decide, do the following: Sort out the color samples you like at least one by one. The color combination which remains, suits best to you. After you have found your color sample(men also shape sample), remember the according type name and read the description of the type.


When you are a woman and have chosen “Type 1” as color combination, your fragrance type is “Chypre”. You are able to test all perfumes which are listed for women in the genealogy as “chypre – notes”.

Spread a bit of eau de parfum at a well supplied skin. Please consider, that there are no other fragrance notes on your skin.(fragrance mixture – disharmonies). Also consider, that your nose needs a break after 4 to 5 samples.

The fragrance of a perfume evolves in three phases:

1. Top note: fragrance start, which is the first impression in the nose. The fragrance is mixed with alcohol, which has to fly away and does not reveal very much.

2. Heart note: Central piece of a perfume creation. Unfolds only after a few minutes after spreading the perfume.

3. Base note: Is after 20 – 30 minutes, leaves an intensive impression and lasts for many hours.

Due to different skin respiration you have to consider, that a perfume can smell different on every skin.

Please also consider, that you create a fragrance harmony and use shower gel, perfume, etc. of the same fragrance. This enables you the full development of the fragrance oils and a significant intensification of the fragrance creation.